Knowledge Discovery

1. Supports HR scholars to conduct research in HRM and related fields; 

2. Collaborates with other institutes/centres and professional bodies, both locally and overseas, to conduct research and develop programmes to enhance HRM standards;

3. Conducts employment related surveys and research for organizations;

Knowledge Sharing

4. Organizes seminars, forums, conferences and symposiums that help disseminate state-of-the-art HRM practices to corporate leaders and HR professionals; 

5. Holds public events to facilitate the sharing of best management practices among government officials, corporate leaders, academicians, and management

6. Publishes research reports, case studies, and executive articles relevant to HRM practices and employment policies;

7. Conducts annual pay-level surveys in Hong Kong and Mainland China;

Knowledge Transfer

8. Delivers educational or training programmes in response to the need of upgrading the competency of HR professionals;

9. Provides business and management consulting services to organizations in order to enhance their operational effectiveness and performance;

10. Assists business corporations to recruit and select senior HR executives and corporate leaders.

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