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Annual Pay and Benefits Survey

Annual Pay and Benefits Survey


HKBU and the Hong Kong People Management Association jointly conduct pay level surveys in Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR, and major cities in the Mainland China annually.  This joint venture begins in 1996.  We first conducted a city-wide pay level survey covering various industries in Hong Kong SAR as well as some major cities in China. Later on, we include and report data in Macau SAR in 2010.  The survey is to reveal the latest trends on pay and benefits provided by companies operating in Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR and Mainland China. The information contained in the reports serves as indicators of the recent pay trends and movements found in different industries and/or regions in China.  Major topics in these reports include salary adjustment, incentive schemes and employee movement etc.

Aim and Mission

This pay survey is to reveal the latest trends on compensation and benefits practices found in companies in various industries on a yearly basis. Information like salary levels and trends obtained in the survey each year informs and assists businessmen and HR executives while making decisions relating to pay philosophy and practices. Major actors of the survey including HKPMA, CHRSD, and individual members of these institutions often organise and hold public seminars and events promoting best pay practices in Hong Kong and Mainland China.  Each year, on the day the survey results are released, the survey organiser also puts out a seminar promoting best HR and/or pay practices.  In addition, throughout the year, both HKPMA and CHRSD often join hands to hold public events for the same purposes.  The contents, views and suggestions presented in these events are well taken by the government while making and forming various public and employment related policies.

Contents and Results

In the survey each year, the following core topics will be covered including, but not limited to, companies profiles, salary adjustment, employee benefits, turnover analysis, workforce trends, employment terms and the salary level of 100 jobs and more.  As all other pay surveys, this survey provides HR professionals timely and guided information pay practices.  This Survey is welcome by practitioners.  Over the years, the Survey increases the numbers of question, topic and area it covers.  The number of participating companies and employees affected are also on the rise in general.  By 2018, the HKSAR Survey includes 171 benchmark jobs covering positions ranging from operations to management level in 11 sectors, and the Mainland China Survey covers 110 jobs in the major cities of the Greater Bay Areas (see Tables 1 & 2).  Table 3 evidents the information and data published by the survey are in line with the general picture of the territory-wide economy and employment trends.  It is well confirmed that information provided by this survey represents a rather complete spectrum of the job market in Hong Kong.  Thus, it is evident that this Survey has significant impacts on local pay practices. Table 4 contains a record of public forums and seminars held in relations to pay practices in Hong Kong and how these events impact on related public indirectly, for instances minimum wage, working hours, and MPF offsetting mechanisms etc.